My DVD recorder does not seem to be able to record DVDs



I have a Sony DRX 510UL DVD RW/R and it keeps spitting back my DVDs that I want to record. It gives me this error;
Error - 10 at Sector 0 - Command:52 Sense:02 ASC:04 ASCQ:01
It seems ot write CDs fine. I am using Sony DVD-R Discs. I am usint Veritas RecordNow software. Can somebody help me? Pleeeeease.


I’m getting error too but mine occur after it looks like I have recorded two hours of something onto my blamk, formatted disc. It seems that once the disc is too full, there is an error and I am left with nothing. Nothing to play, edit, or record, that disc is history. I don’t know if this is what is happening with you but I thought I would throw it out there. Don’t record for 2 hours when disc is set up for 2 hours (SP). Once this disc is full, there is no room left on it to finalize, without being able to finalize, you have nothing. It would have been nice it these types of warning were on the instruction book or labels somewhere. So we didn’t have to learn the hard way and get capturn on disc what we thought we were. Like I said, yours might be a different problem but I thought it wouln’t hurt to try this avenue as well.
good luck,


My problem is different. It just seems that the DVD writer does not like DVDs. I have tried +R and -R (don’t remember if they were both Sony) and it has recorded a couple in the past but now it just seems to spit out the new DVD-R before it starts recording. It seems to do it when it is checking the DVD to see if it is good but this happens after I put the DVD in the recorder then it asks me for the files I want to record and then it starts to do it’s thing and spits the damn DVD out with the stupid error message. Nightmare city I tell ya.
It seems to record CDs fine.