My dvd-recorder cann't detect blank disks=>cann't record

Hi guys:
The program that I use for recording either DVDs or CDs is Roxio-Easy CD & DVD Creator 6. Normally, when I am going to record, after I load the video to record, the program asks for a blank disk (shows the following sentence: “PLEASE INSERT A BLANK DISK” and these letters are in red color, after you insert the blank disk, the sentence turns green and changes to something like: “READY TO BEGIN RECORDING”). The problem is that a day ago, is like something went wrong with this program, since IT DOES NOT RECOGNICE THAT YOU HAVE INSERTED A BLANK DISK (either a DVD or a CD). Otherwise, the DVD-CD player/recorder works just fine, it plays normal either CDs of DVDs. Other thing that is unusual with ROXIO is that now there is a sign that says: “DEFAULT RECORDER: NONE.” Now as before, when I introduce the blank CD or DVD, in the icon (in MY COMPUTER) that represents the recorder (F in my case) when there is no disk, appears: “DVD RW DRIVE (F),” when you put a movie, appears the name of the movie, and when you put a blank DVD the sign changes to “CD DRIVE (F)” as usual. In other words, there, nothing has changed, the only change has appeared in ROXIO. When I go to the BIOS, I can see that the PC recognices the recorder (NEC) there as master. I suspect maybe a program that came with one of the DVDs that I played and that has intalled itself without me realizing, otherwise, I do not have other explanation, since I didn’t made any changes to any setup or otherwise. In the other hand I don’t go to the internet in this particular PC. Last thing that I noticed is that my default CD player (MusicMatch V-8), when I prompt it to play a CD, it plays but it doesn’t come out a sound, then when I prompt it to play with MediaPlayer, it plays fine. This change has happened at the same time when Roxio begun to missbehave.
I’ll be very grateful if somebody could give me a hint about what could be the problem. I’ll be waiting with my fingers crossed for any replay in this regard. :>(
Thanks a lot.


you can try another program like nero or you can try to download a new driver thats compatible