My dvd-ram drvie won't read any type of dvd

my lg ht-sl-dt dvdram gsa-h44n won’t read an type of dvd discs. it only reads cds.

That’s not very much info to go on.

This is a fairly new LG model. Did it ever read DVD’s? Does it burn to DVD’s? Does it recognize a DVD (blank)? What operating system are you using? What burning program do you use? Sometimes the DVD laser can go bad in drives while the CD laser still functions (& vice versa). More info is needed to try to troubleshoot this, please. If you originally had no problems & it just stopped reading DVD’s, you might want to see if it’s still under warranty?


it used to work normally before. recently it stopped reading dvds. i use windows xp sp2 and then nero for burning and also i’ve burned some dvd discs as well.

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Try to install the drive in another pc. Don’t you have a friend with a pc or own another one yourself?

If it fails that then take it back or RMA it whichever applies.

Try in SAFE MODE first.