My dvd program can't read disc

Hi, i have a toshiba DR-7 dvd-rw recorder and i recorded some tv onto a dvd-rw. thing is, it works just fine on the dvd player but i can’t read it on my laptop desktop. does anyone know why?

If its in VR format you need to install DVD-R VR drivers.

where can i find dvd-r vr drivers or are there any software that can read VR discs?

You probably just need to finalize the disc on the toshiba DR-7 dvd-rw recorder .
Access the “setup” menu to do this in most cases.
If you did actually use -VR mode then I have the same problem with my Vista PC recognizing -VR mode recorded -RW’s.
Again in the setup for the toshiba DR-7 dvd-rw recorder set to video mode for recording.
I have only been able to look at the files on a -VR disc with IsoBuster & Iso Puzzle.Since I don’t have the paid version of IsoBuster it won’t extract the files.
IsoPuzzler did manage to extract the files as an .iso to the HDD after several hours,Even then only 99.9 % .The .iso did load in my virtual drive & play on VLC though.
Still I think you probably just need to finalize the disc.