My DVD Player stopped playing copies

I do have a problem, which I hope someone can present a solution for.

I’ve been making backup DVDs for quite some time now and everything was fine up to last week. I figured out how to copy my DVDs (with the help of this forum) and my DVD player played them just fine until last week. Now my DVD player stopped playing most of my copies. A few still work (usually the ones that I don’t watch very often) but with most of them I now get a ‘No Disc’ or ‘Bad Disk’ message.

Is this a problem that others have too and is there a solution for it?

Thx a bunch for your help

What media have you used?

Sorry mate, don’t know what you mean with ‘media’. Could you specify?


What brand and type and speed of blank disks are you backing up your movies to?

I’ve used two different types of blanks up to now. The first one I used was a DVD+R, 8X speed, Platinum (that’s all it says on the DVD). They were then highly recommended by a leading German computer magazine. The other one is a DVD+R, 8x speed, LG. It doesn’t make a difference though. They both suddenly don’t play anymore. I tried cleaning the lenses, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem either. I don’t understand how the DVDs can be perfectly fine and then, from one day to another, won’t play anymore. A friend of mine said, that he’s heard some disturbing news that I just can’t believe. He said that rumor has it, Sony has developed some kind of program that they put on their DVDs which alters the software of my DVD player and lets it play my backups only a certain amount of times. Is that possible? It is only the DVDs that I’ve watched several times already that are not working anymore. If that is true, what sense does it make to make backups at all. I hope it is something else, but I don’t really know anything about these things.

Have you tried a different brand of disc (if you have any)?

DVDs can be fine one day, and unreadable the next if the discs aren’t very good (I’ve found this out to my cost in the past)!

I would’ve to buy some others and try them, but I believe that this is not the prob. The first brand I used is one if not the best you can get in Germany. And why should they BOTH suddenly stop working? Do you think there could be some truth in that rumor I heard?

Nope, no truth in the rumour at all - it could be that the laser in your stand alone is starting to go. It may still read commercial pressed DVD’s - but will not read burned DVD’s. I managed to kill my original PS2 by playing backup movies on it - mind you PS2’s had really, really crap lasers!!

However, it could even be how you are storing your discs - if they are near heat (radiator or next to a window with direct sunlight) it will degrade them very quickly. You should try burning a new disc, and if it plays okay, your player is fine.

Yeah, I thought about that too. The bit with the lasers in my DVD player. But it does still play some of my backups. I made a new copy of one of the DVDs that is not working and it runs just fine. Can’t make new backups all the time though. I also don’t understand how a certain type of DVD can ruin a laser since they don’t even touch each other. After all it’s only light and no physical contact.

I know with the PS2 laser it is all to do with the focus coils (I am sure someone will correct me here, if I get it a bit wrong) Basically what happens is that the lens moves up and down to focus the beam onto the disc. Crappy media or media that is slightly warped will wobble slightly so the beam has to keep refocusing - in the PS2 what can happen is that the current draw can get so high that it burns out the coils and you loose the ability to focus the beam.

From you last post it would suggest that something is happening to your discs when you are storing them. I would try them in a different player to see if they will play.

It may also be worth while cleaning the lens on your DVD player.

I will try them on another player. My discs are stored pretty well though. Proper cases, no heat or cold, away from sunlight etc. I also just cleaned the lenses (because of that problem). But whatever you said about them coils sounds logical to me. Like I said, I don’t know sh… abou these things. I just wish that I’d find a solution to my problem. It would really p… me off if I’d done all these backups for nothing.

Post back with the results of the discs!! You could also try Nero CDSpeed - this will show if the discs have a high error rate - do a disc quality scan (by convention this is normally done at x4 speed) This will show if the discs are failing over time.

Ok, downloaded CDSpeed, but to be honest this is just to high for me. Don’t know at all what I’m supposed to do with those results. I ran a disc quality scan at 4x speed of my backup of ‘Shark Tale’ (my kids favourite) and the results are as follows:

PI Errors - Average: 7.49, Maximum: 40, Total: 82144
PI Failures - Average: 0.07, Maximum: 4, Total: 569
Jitter - Average: 9.32 %, Maximum: 11.5 %
PO Failures: 0

Is that good or bad? Haven’t had the chance yet to try my DVDs on another player. Will do that ASAP and let you know the results.

Oh, by the way. Thank you very much for all your help.

I would say that is a fairly nice burn - it shows that there is no read errors on the disc. Would be interesting to see how the discs play on another DVD player.

I have had that happen a usually it occurs on some of the cheap discs I bought, they just go bad.