My DVD .ISO is too big to fit on disk according to Nero

I have been backing up movies for awhile and have had good success for the most part. However, I have run into a problem now for the second time and do not know what to do about it. After creating a .ISO file and I try to burn it to DVD using Nero it says that the file is too big to fit on the disk. Each time I have tried multiple times and end up with the same result.

I am using RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, and Nero. I do a full copy of the movie. I have used the same process for many backups and it always works fine.

Any ideas? I have deleted the files and only have the .ISO and would like to get it onto a disk. Would different media help? Different burner? Is there software I can somehow resize an .ISO with?

Thanks for any and all help or thoughts!

If you have an ISO file try ImgBurn. That one is really made for ISO burning. It will tell you if the file will fit on DVD5 or DVD9.
If that one does not work, than there is something wrong with your file.
Most movies are larger than DVD5 capacity, but if you used Shrink to compress it to single layer disk, than created ISO should work.
As for compressing ISO, I am not sure, because it is video you try to compress, not data.

Like CDuncle said - see what ImgBurn says about its’ size. If it’s a DVD-5 you can burn it to a single layer disc, if DVD-9 then you’ll need a DL disc.

If it is DL and you want to place it onto a SL, you can open the ISO with DVD Shrink and go from there.

Well I just tried ImgBurn and it also says the .ISO is too big. It says that it is 4,703,418,368 bytes.

I tried to open up the .ISO in DVD Shrink and was not able to figure out how as it was not recognized.

Any other thoughts?

In DVD Shrink Open File Menu > Open Disc Image…

Duh, I should have known to try that.

I think its going to let me change some options so I can get it small enough.


Maybe all you have to do is shrink the menus a tad bit and not compress the movie any further. You can also manually change the output size in the options as such: Edit / Preferences / Choose Custom and change size to 4470 or so if using DVD-R’s. If using DVD+R’s it may be wise to keep it at 4464 as they hold a few MBs less.

I always make sure to perform a Deep Analysis & Quality Enhancements set to Maximum Smoothness (takes longer) for better quality. Just my opinion though. Others may disagree.

This worked for me. Take the original “too big” iso file and open it with shrink. Then back that image up into a different folder, maybe “iso2 folder” . Once you back that image up then burn it with NERO. This worked for me.

How should that work?
The files/data is as big as it was before in the ISO.