My dvd is too quiet on my Tv!



I burnt a movie that was AC3 5.1 encoded and for some reason it sounds ridiculously quiet on my tv. Even when I have my tv at max volume, it still hard to hear at some scenes. How can i make the audio much louder before I burn another one?


Did you modify the video in some way? What software did you use? What format is the movie (avi or dvd)?


no i didnt modify the video.
I used TMPGenc DVD Author 3 and im pretty sure the original format was avi


How is the audio in the AVI file? There is the same “low volume” issue also in the AVI or only in the converted video?


i would say compared to other movies, the audio is quiter…
like scenes when people are talking, this film is noticeably quiter compared to other films.


Probably the audio was badly encoded also in the avi movie then.

You can try to use besweet to normalize the audio, but I have no idea how much this will reduce the quality of audio.