My DVD is in fragments



I am trying to backup The Descent to put it on my iPod, but I am encountering a problem. I have software to convert it to iPod format but this software is giving me trouble. When I start the process it rips the movie, but in 20 minute fragments. I have looked, but cannot find a way around it. If anyone knows how to get just the movie (not the extras and so forth), I would greatly appreciate it.


What software are you using?


I am using the DVDFab Decrypter. I do not want to pay, so I am trying to find a way around it.




Is your HD formatted as a FAT or NTFS? FAT limits size of folders.




There are any number of ways to accomplish this. The easiest is just to buy the software! :smiley: Most of the alternatives involve two or three steps with different programs: PITA. Disclaimer: As a registered user, it is in my best interest to support Fengtao so that my lifetime upgrades and support keep coming. Plus he really works hard to keep everything (including the free version you are using) up to date. :slight_smile:


I think FAT32 limits the size of files not folders.