My dvd drive

i have a three year old HP Pavillion ze4700 laptop with a toshiba odd-dvd sd-r6252 dvd drive. until recently, it has always been in good working order but for some reason, the drive is able to read and play cds for not with any dvd disc. i thought it was just a scratched/damaged dvd disc at first but when i inserted a brand new dvd into it the drive would not recognise it. it would try and read it for a few seconds then do nothing. is it a problem with the laser becuase i think thats ok or is there anything else i need to do?

help would be much appreciated

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Optical drives have separate lasers for CD and DVD media. If you have problems only with DVD discs, and being it an old drive, probably the DVD laser is damaged :frowning:

if so, how can this be solved, if possible?

The only solution is a new drive. It’s not possible to replace the DVD laser only :frowning:

Just to be sure that there is not a software problem, try to install the drive on a different machine and see if the problem is still there