My dvd drive will not read, write or play dvd's

i have a Nec DVD+RW ND-1100A and it will not recogonize any dvd’s at all. i have tried a number of troubleshooting options but none have worked. i can burn a cd and read a cd thats it. it has read, burn and played dvd’s but now it will not. anyone have any ideas, solutions… i would really appreciate them. thank you very much in advance.

Well we do need at least more info as to what your doing that your not able to recongize your media? Also what kinda of media are you using? And is your hardware the latest firmware-how old is your drive? What software are you using to read or burn to your media? Also you only mention burn and read CD? DVD and CD media are vary different format and one has larger media storage. By providing these details other who read this will be able to determine what other solutions to look at.

Also the software you using is it the latest version?

Check this out you might need it.

the software is nero 7, and i also have tried roxio media 9.i tried burning movies on dvd-r,rw, dvd+r,rw, the brand is maxwell, memorex. i can not watch a movie, which i could do before. i can burn cds. my drive is about 3yrs old, but have never used it until this year. i have update the firmware to latest available. also i troubleshot with a dell rep.

Try to boot from a DVD. If it fails, the dvd part is dead.

Buy a new burner.

what burner do you recommend, range of price $80-150.

For $80 you could buy 2x of them these days.

Check out some reviews.

New LG, Liteon, Pioneer, Samsung are good ones.