My dvd drive will not read a dvd

my DVD-RW drive will read cd’s but when i put a DVD movie or DVD/PC game into the drive the computer will appear like it is trying to read it and the light on the front of the drive will come on. but when that stops and i try to open the drive, i get what looks like a blank cd/DVD that has nothing on it and no room on it. i need help please.

What kind of drive do you have?

What operating system? What software? The more information, the more people can help.

hey im havin a very similar problem aswell, my player reads cds it burns dvds and reads ones ive burnt, reads dvd movies, but does the same as urs wen i try dvd games

It is possible that the platform your games are made is not compatable with your drive try to upgrade your drive firmware tha maight help.

i have a HP invent im running widows XP it came standered with my computer as did the DVD drive. the drive itself is labeled PHILIPS DVD+RW SDVD8441. when i got it it would play my cousins burnt DVD’s but not any we got from the video store.

Then try to find the latest version of firmware for the drive (Phlips) and update your firmware may be that would help.

i just did, it hasent helped it any.

Then try to restore you windows system to a month ago see if would help.

i compleatly restored my computer to the way it was when i bought it… still cant read DVD’s.
well thanks for the ideas