My dvd drive plays dvds dark

My dvd drive,which is a Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616T is playing all of my dvds darker than they are supposed to be.

I was playing them using Kantaris Media Player v0.3.9 {tried playing it in VLC and with the same picture being dark}.

Played the dvd in another pc and they played fine with the normal picture quality.

The only new thing I did to my pc was upgrade the graphics card from an Nvidia GeForce Ti-4200 to a Nvidia GeForce 6200.

Could the new gfx card be the problem or is my dvd drive going awry?

And I also checked the Nvidia control panel to see if there was any setting that I could’ve changed to show the the dvd better. But there was no useful outcome.

Its probably an old driver file hanging on. Try uninstalling all nvidia products in the control panel, then download and run Drive sweeper, let it remove all old nvidia drivers. Then reboot and install the latest nvidia drivers, download them directly from nvidia, don’t use any of the files on the disk that came with the video card.

I see in Driver sweeper there are two things for Nvidia, display and chipset. Do I delete both or just the display? [After uninstalling that is]

Thanks eric93se. Worked like a charm :slight_smile:


Yip, the drive can do nothing about it, but the driveR. :wink: