My DVD drive isn't recognising disks

I have an LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H44N Drive, and it was working fine till about half an hour ago :(. I was burning a few disks for a friend, and half way through I went to put in the next blank disk for burning and it (Nero) acted as if there was no disk (Burn button grayed out) I used Windows Explorer to burn, but it said to please insert a blank writable disk. I figured that it must be a problem with the drive, so I took out the blank disk and put it a disk I know to have stuff on it (a movie) and it still acted as if no disk was in there. I’ve tried a few different disks so it must be the drive. I do have the disk with the drivers (well Nero, but thats what you get, the suite contains the drivers and such) but thats no help because the drive isn’t recognising disks. I can’t find the drivers anywhere online, so I can’t reinstall them. Can anyone help me?

Welcome to the forum, reboot computer. If that doesn’t help then unistall drive (Burner) in the device manager, then reboot computer windows should reinstall the pesky drive.