My DVD Drive has slowed down dramatically

My DVD drive slowed down dramatically. I had been doing a lot of burning on my drive recently and it has slowed down a lot. It used to take about 15-25 minutes to burn a dvd from my external HD, now it takes excess of 2 hours to write and 2 hours to read. I have looked at other forums and they said to check the device manager for IDE to check if it is set to PIO, but neither of mine are set to that so I don’t know what else to check. I was wondering if someone else had a similar problem and solved it.

What drive, what connection, how set up?

Go into devicemanager, post the info.

when was the last time you defraged your external hd? also did you switch what port you pluged it into maybe you now have it in a 1.1 port instead of a 2.0 port