My DVD Drive Has Reading Problem, Help Please

for some weird reason my dvd drive can’t read some dvds(empty). i use to use Sony DVD-R Ver.1.2/1X-8X, yesterday i went to the store and bought Sony DVD-R Ver.2.0/1X-8X and my dvd drive wasn’t able to detect it.Does anyone know why this is happening?

There is no sense for reading EMPTY/BLANK DVDs.

Use a proper burning app!

And what drive do you own?

I think he means that the drive does not know it has a disc in it. I could be wrong

ya my drive does not know it has a disc in it

please help me =(

Yep, what is the drive & firmware?

> DVD.Identifier

Serial No: FDC
Firmware Revision: D.0N
Loader Type: Tray
Buffer Size: 2048KB
Volume Levels: 256
Connection Interface: Atapi/IDE
Drive Interface: Atapi-3
Region Code: 1
Region Control: RPC-2
User Changes Left: 4
Vendor Changes Left: 4

above is the info i generated with DVD Info