My dvd drive and cd drive stopped working at the same time

My dvd drive and cd drive stopped working immediately at the same time.
I was being helped by “FreaksToGo” website. They cleared up a lot of viruses over a 2 week period. When I went to burn some cd’ and dvd’s I got error messages and there’s a question mark Icon on these drives when I go to “start” “computer” and list my drives. Can anyone suggest anything? John Felix.

Hi John

I don’t know what OS you’re using or how your rig is set up, but my first guess would be to simply uninstall both ODDs in device manager and reboot.
Assuming XP or Vista, windows will reinstall the devices and assign appropriate drivers

I was being helped by “FreaksToGo” website. They cleared up a lot of viruses over a 2 week period.

I’ve seen the extensive lengths and the boatload of apps various malware gurus go through to clear infections. Seems it’s become a bit of a sport. Unfortunately something else tends to break somewhere down the line.

maineman’s advice is sound, you can also try this script:

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P.S. I’m still having problems with my system.
My e: was a cd burner
My f: was a dvd burner
both now are just plain readers they won’t burn anything.
There is now a new drive call G: labled DVD Drive
But there is no device attached to the machine for this G: drive.
If I click on it … it will tell me to insert a dvd into the slot but there is
no place to do that. How can I repair this. I already tried the:

xp_CD-DVD-Fix… this did not repair it. John Felix.:disagree: should help.