My dvd doesnt plays smoothly

allmost all my dvds doesnt run smoothly :frowning:
some just begin to stutter and then stop playing.
some just dont run smoothly :frowning:

Nero burning rom
NEC ND-3520 Dual Layer 16x DVD+/-R(W)
i use Arita 8x dvd-r (i burn @ 8x speed)

and i just got a fast computer
3.2 ghz
1gb memmory
2x 200gb harddisk
and so on.

so i dont get the problem.

Are you playing on computer or standalone player? Is the problem only on the DVD you burn? can you play DVD that a friend burned on another media?

I would first try another media, maybe the player has problem with this specific media.

Also, run Nero CD-DVD speed test program and see if the speed and curve look good.

its on every player
stand alone

all of them.

i will try platinum dvd+r
but are there programs that i can run and see fast if the dvd is good or not ?
or must i watch the entire movie ?

i now testing that cd-dvd shit.
and i will post the screen in a sec…

here u go :frowning:

The graph looks just like one from another member with a DELL PC.

-Go into BIOS and make sure both IDE channels are set to AUTO detect and that the NEC is seen by the BIOS. Is it running in DMA mode 2?

-Reboot and go into DEVICE MANAGER and remove the IDE CHANNEL that’s connected to the NEC. Reboot and windows will reload driver. Check to see that the NEC is running in DMA mode 2. If you have more than one optical drive connected to the IDE, then set the jumper on both to Cable Select.

-Defrag both hard drives. Download HDTUNE and run/post your transfer speed.

-Burn a DVD at 4X and monitor the CPU load under Task Manager during the burn. Does it hit 90+%.

its in dma mode
my nec is seen by my bios
and my cpu is not going higher then 2% so thats ok…

and my hdd speeds are good 2

its a new pc by the way

heres a screen where i was just msning & surfing on the internet

and heres a screen when my pc wass idle.

Did you defrag both HDs? Did you remove the IDE channel with the burner in Device Manager? Shut down all other programs (Firewall, AV, etc…) when transcode/burn. Which software are you using for the rip/transcode session? Try the latest version of Nero Recode 2 to transcode and burn the data to the hard drive.

i’m burning from .img .iso and .bin files.

and my hdd’s are realy new (2weeks or something)
so i gues there is no need to defrag them isent it ?

extra question: Is there a program witch scan you burned dvd for errors stutters and shit like that ?

Until you clean your language, no more replies from me!

lol i’m sorry m8

but the word “bullshit” wasent meant to be so agressive u think.
but ok
i’m sorry m8.

Not sure why you don’t want to fully answer my previous post? HD can become fragmented in a few hours, depending on use.

yeah im going to do that now.
but how do i test if it is worken good right now.
bacuase some dvds work and some dont. :S

is there a good program for ?

Do all of those recommendations and burn at 4X. If problem persists, then try a quality made in Japan media like Taiyo Yuden. Almost all brand name (Maxell, Fuji, Sony, and TDK) made in Japan discs will do the job. Don’t forget to shutdown all other tasks and don’t use the PC when you burn data to the DVD disc.

i burn now with Platinum 8x dvds