My dvd/cdrw drive doen't copy


First time here and I must start saying my “tech language” might be somewhat weak… So here goes my illeteracy!

I have a HL -Dt -ST RW/DVD GCC 4240N installed from origin on a IBM ThinkPad (a quite old model, 2000 I think) that suddenly decided not to allow me to copy or record any data (music, files, photos, whatever on a CD recordable). It somehow became apparently only a reading drive - reads cd’s, dvd’s, game cd’s, etc…

I started “googling” around and have already checked that the drive is compatible with the XP Home Edition I am using, that Hitachi-LG does not give firmware or controllers updates or support to customers and advises the general public (me!) to contact the product seller.

What’s happening? Can I get a solution out of a “simple” update, firmware (something I had not even heard of before)?!..

I’ll be available for giving more important data that you may consider important.


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Disable IMAPI burn engine, then use cdburnerxp to burn something to CD.

Thanks, chef!

Since I 'm not very familiar with disabling the IMAPI burn engine, could you or anyone else kindly guide me? Hope it is not too much time consuming for you to explain…
I know, my comp. skills are very basic…

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With our mouse highlight te your CD burner drive then rih click on that click on property on property click on “Recorder” on the window marked the box
"Enable CD Recording on this drive.