My DVD/CD-RW drive will not burn DVD's anymore!

I was once able to burn DVD’s with HP RecordNow software with my Iomega DVD/CD-RW. I burned two backup dvds because i was going to do a clean install of Windows XP professional.

So, i successfully did a clean install, and I went to make sure the driver for my iomega dvd/cd-rw drive was there. it was, and here is the current string found in Device Manager:


It says its working properly. so, at that moment i was excited, and I immediately went to go “test” burn another dvd. When i navigate to “Create new Data DVD”, i click it and it says “No recordable devices were found on your system. Do you want to check for updates?”. I clicked yes to check for updates and it brought up a bunch of drivers that did not relate to my Iomega brand drive, all were HP.

So, i went to try some solutions. First, i opened the system unit and unplugged the IDE cabel, the power cable, and a different cable that was similar to an ethernet cable but much thinner and narrower. I booted the computer up, and then i safely shut it down. I went to plug all 3 back in and i booted the computer, and it did not reckognize the change, and the problem still persisted.

I did the same process, but before shutting down the computer I uninstalled the driver for the dvd/cd-rw drive. Once shut down i booted the computer up and no change. The problem still persisted. Even after that the driver mysteriously reappeared under Device Manager.

What was even wierder was that before the clean install, the drive name under My Computer was DVD/CD-RW drive, but now after i did all the proccesses above it is now labeled “CD Drive”, yet the driver under Device Manager says otherwise.

The current driver is the same as before the clean install. Also, it is enabled with DLA.

I am super confused with what the current circumstances have occured. Is there a firmware update? Or an updated driver? Any solutions?

Thanks in advance for your help.

try auto detecting the ide device in bios… have you also updated your motherboard ide drivers.?

thanx for your help. i have absolutely no clue how to do any of that. would you mind explaining to me how to do that? id appreciate it. and thanks again, i havent had much luck anywhere ele with a good reply

when you start you computer during the POST sequence you should be able to press a key, usually the “del” key and enter your bios menu.
Im not familiar with your systems bios but going into your standard cmos feature should have an autodetect function.
As far as the mobo ide/chipset drivers go you should be able to google them when you know what motherboard you have.

i have a compaq computer running windows xp pro, and when i boot the comp up it says i can press f8 to go into settings, where i can change the boot order and stuff. is this where i can locate my bios? i dont think i can. is there anywhere else i can access it besides bootup?

edit: i went to the settings, and it had a Self-IDE test. no clue what that was. and, there is nowhere in that screen where i can access bios. im stuck for the time being!