My DVD Burning Has Gotten Immensly Slower

Hello I Have Been Burnign Dvds For A While But I Have Notcied A Problem For Like A Month…My DVD Burning Has Gotten Immensly Slower…It Use 2 Be Fine…But Now Encoding Takes Like 4 Hours And It Only use 2 Take About 25 Mins…Analyzing Takes About 10 Minutes Now It used To Only take about 30 seconds…Im Using DVD Shrink…And When I Try And Load Some Of My Cds In DVD Cloner It Automatically Closes Out??? WHY? Or If I Insert The Cd B 4 I Load DVD Cloner…DVD Clone Loads Then Cancels Out…Sometimes I Get Data Cylcic Redundancy Errors On DVD Shrink With A Perfectly Non Scratched CD…Also Dvd Decryter Sucks And Never Encodes My Movies From My Dvd Drive… Also U AnyDvd …>WHY IS THIS STUFF HAPPEING THANKS!!! Speed Fighter

Any Help Apreciated TY!!!

Encoding and analyzing in DVD Shrink does not depend on your dvd drive but on the system configuration.

CRC errors could originate from the media used to read, but could also happen because of other reasons ie a bad ide cable, crosstalking, or plainly a bad CIRC mechanism on behalf of the drive etc.

Providing more info and being more specific could help. For starters, please check if DMA is enabled for all drives.

The All Seem 2 Be On Dma…Any Other Idead Of What Could Be Causing This?

Could you focus a bit more on the drive related issues? Or at least be more specific. For example:

Also Dvd Decryter Sucks And Never Encodes My Movies From My Dvd Drive
DVD Decrypter does not encode movies. It rips them on your hard drive and in addition it can burn images onto media. And as i said encoding and analyzing depends mainly on your CPU. :slight_smile:

I Actually Figured Out What Was Wrong…I Download DVD Fab And It Said DMA Wasnt Enabled But It Said It Was On My Drive But It Fixed It So If Anyone Else Has This Problem Just Downlod DVDfab…