My dvd burner works on and off now (Sony DRU-720A)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DRU-720A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I back up some of my movies using ICopyDVDs2, my Sony DVD burner (DRU-720A) and Verbatim digital movie discs. I have been using this combo for over 5 years with few problems. Recently, something has gone wrong. The program and burner read the movie properly, but when I place the blank DVD into the drive it sounds bad and it refuses to recognize it so that I may push the copy button. I uninstalled the burner and then reinstalled it, and it worked. However, I find myself unistalling and reinstalling my damn DVD burner almost every time I try to use it now. I am positive that there is nothing wrong with my burning program or my blank media, so does that mean my DVD burner is slowly dying or is there some type of hardware communication problem. Thank you for your wisdom and time.

Probably needs a firmware update .
Check out this old thread on it.

Could be hardware or OS/driver related. I’d start by ensuring you have the latest drivers for your motherboard and see if that helps. It could also be something corrupted in the OS/registry, especially if you’ve been using this PC for 5 years without ever reinstalling the OS. A good system cleanup and reinstallation of all drivers may do the trick. Of course it could simply be a failing drive. 5 years is a very good lifespan for a burner that gets frequent use.

Thank you all very much. I will look into those options now.