My Dvd burner won't play DVD-Rom



Hello all, I have a NEC DVD±RW ND-6500A with firmware 2.81. Apparently, it won’t play DVD-rom…any original DVD that I rented or original DVD movie that I purchased from will not play. The only thing it will play is DVD+R movie that I made a long time ago.

I have tried several different firmware such as: 2.58, 2.24 etc but no luck it still won’t play DVD-rom but will only play DVD+R

Anyone know how to remedies this situation?

I spent 2 nights trying to figure out why it won’t play Original DVD movies, now I about to give up…because my head is exploding.


You mean “it won’t play a dvd video”?!?

Use a good dvd software player like vlc tool, then try again.


I have the following software installed in my laptop: Nero 7 premium and intervideo winDVD 7

The fact is, it play DVD video, but it can only play DVD+R movies.

This is really bizzard, when I go and rent a movie for example, it will not play it. The dilemma is any DVD movies that was made using a DVD+R media, my burner will play it.


Try to access the DVDs that won’t play using dvd-identifier or nero cd dvd speed and please post some info about them.


What messages do you get when you insert a DVD?
Can you “see” the disc using Explorer? Can you “see” the disc’s content (folders/files) or do you get a message like "please insert disc to drive “x”?

Did you try do read a DVD-R with data?


The disc will not show up you can even see it using windows explore, the only thing that seem to work is DVD+R, but other original DVD discs will not work…I have contacted the seller from where I purchased the drive, He told me that I needed to change the DVD region to 1 which I did…I even download a program call DVD Idle Pro in order to make the drive region free, still no luck…I guess my next move, is getting my money back…


I also have the NEC DVD±RW ND-6500A.

I was just trying to read a DVD-R using Windows Media Player 10. I can explore the DVD-R in Windows Explorer but Windows Media Player 10 will not play it. This same DVD-R plays fine in my other PC with a Samsung DVD reader.

So I downloaded Ulead DVD Player 1.0 and now I can play the DVD-R using the Ulead DVD Player software.