My dvd burner wont burn the end of dvd iso's

hey i have recently been having a problem with my dvd burner, it will burn a dvd image and say it is complete but then on viewing the dvd the end of the film will be missing. It does this in magic iso and nero. It will however burn vob files and such and they work perfectly. does anyone know what could be causing this problem. Thanks for your help in advance

Where does that ISOs come from, WHO have created them?

they are from friends of mine they all work on other peoples computers and they were all working for me up untill about a week ago.

Then you should ask them if they have created them properly or tested these by themselves…

yes they do work properly, i have burn them off b4 so nothing would have changed in the iso. do you have any ideas why my burner isnt burning the end of these iso’s. yet it will burn other files perfectly

oh and also i have tried burning these iso’s with an external usb drive as well as my laptop drive and they also have the same problem, so i dont think its the hardware is. thanks in advance

Try ImgBurn.