My dvd burner won\'t work (Samsung SH-S183L / TS-H653L)

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S183L / TS-H653L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]my dvd burner won’t work. I have a toshiba/samsung ts/h653l burner on an HP pavillion slimline machine, and I am running vista. it will burn cd ok, but when I try dvd, it says dvd not blank. i am using memorex lightscribe dvd’s and also using roxio v9. can anyone offer any suggestions as to what I can do? Thanks!

First I would try different DVD brand and not light-scribe, to see if that works. Get Verbatim disc.

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As well as CDuncle’s very good advice, do you have any emulation/virtual drive software installed (such as Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools etc)?

If you do, please tell us which software it is, there’s usually a simple fix if that’s the problem.

Im pretty sure I don’t. there are some programs that have been on there since I got it that I don’t know what they are.

Try using Verbatim DVD+R 16X (MCC-004-00), it works very well for me on that same burner in my HP PC. The LighScribe version works well also.

I started with top-rated Verbatim DVD-R (MCC 03RG20) because I thought Verbatim was very high quality and DVD-R was more compatible than +R.

[B]Verbatim DVD-Rs 16X (MCC 03RG20)[/B] [B]don’t work with the Samsung TS-H653L / SH-S183L[/B] and gave me a lot of grief :a ! (Lot of time wasted with HP and looking at my burn settings)
Using ImgBurn for example (same kind of issue with other burning software), the DVD would get burnt, but the verification phase would always fail. The DVD would then never play on that drive, but woud play on my laptop, or on my stand alone DVD players.
With the Verbatim DVD+R, the verification phase might fail (rarely) but the DVD can still play in the drive!

Other DVDs that performed poorly in that drive (same behavior):
Memorex DVD-RW MCC 01RW11n9
Verbatim DVD-RW RITEKW01