My DVD burner stop responding after I messed SFnightmare

I’ve messed too much with SFnightmare and and now when i’m trying too set back my dvd burner by pressing “Enable ATA” i’m getting a blue screen

what could I do?

Never use Enable ATA or Disable ATA. Bad things may happen if it doesn’t work. And I think ATA is the transfer rate type. You have to enable/disable CD’s, or you can enable/disable proper IDE channel. and don’t disable the IDE channel with your HDD, either…

ok… disable the CD’s and then what?
I can’t mess with my HDD to much because it’s connected via SATA

ou and more other thing, in the SFNightmare when i’m pressing the “Enable ATA” or “Enable ch2” or “Enable ch1” giving me a blue screen… what is going on?

Just because a drive is an SATA drive doesn’t mean that it’s “not” connected to channel 1 or 2.

My D: drive is SATA, while my C: is PATA, yet it seems that windows thinks that the D: is connected to channel 2 or something :frowning: Even though my DVD reader and burner are on secondary IDE master and slave.

Its almost like windows just rearranged the channel numbers or something like that… (you would think secondary master and sec. slave are channel 2…)

Anyway, either use disable CD and then node, then use the anti blacklist stuff you use (SR7 stop, sd4 hide, sfcure, etc whatever) or find out what channel your DVD stuff is really on. And sfnightmare doesn’t work on all systems. I think someone said it won’t work on Nforce3 boards at all or something? I Don’t remember…

wait a sec… what i have to do to get back my CD’s driver? disable CD then Disable node… then what??