My DVD burner just wont burn anymore

The burner was working fine…for a year or so. Then one day I went to burn a DVD and it just doesn’t work. I get error codes telling me there isn’t a DVD burner installed, if I remember correctly it still would write to CD’s for a while and then it stopped that as well. The last time I attempted to burn a CD it would not work and from then on the door would continuously open and shut, waiting to write the disk. I tried to find the files waiting to be written, so i could erase them, but couldn’t. I took it out and put my old CD burner back in so I could at least burn my music again. I feel this is a simple problem to fix, I just don’t know what I am doing. Any advice?:smiley:

If your cd burner is working, then it could be as simple as a failed drive. New dvd burners are fairly cheap these days…less than $30 for the most part.

DVD burners have two lasers, one for burning dvds, one for cds. It is possible they quit at different times.

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If you can install the drive in another pc and see if it works or put a bootable disc say like a windows OS disc in it and see if it will boot to it. Need to try a CD and a DVD boot disc though to check both sides.

thanks everyone!