My DVD Burner going bad - Replacement suggestions

My DVD burner is going bad, so I’m looking for a replacement.
My only preference

[li]Needs to burn TYG02’s, have over 300 on hand.[/ul]
[li]Must be a IDE interface.[/ul]
[/li]Wanted BenQ 1640, 1650, 1655 but they no longer seem to be stocked on planet earth. Please hold suggestions to vendors you trust. Prefer web purchase - Closest major outlets (Staples, Best Buy) start at 100 mile round trip. I do go past Staple about twice a month, but makes it difficult to catch sales / in stock.

Current drives from Samsung, LG, and Lite-On seem to be pretty good. The Pioneers I’ve seen mixed reviews on. should have them all, and they are the most trusted internet retailer on the planet.

The new Samsung looks great from what I read. The Model 203B.:iagree:

Thanks alan :slight_smile:
As we both discovered, I need this in a [B]IDE interface[/B].
Any model number suggestions would be most welcome.


I was going to suggest a Liteon LH-20, but I haven’t tried mine
with G02 yet. I will burn one today and post the results later.

For the US :flower: (yes, I know the OP’s in the US)

I like LG myself, though the LiteOns I’ve had have been pretty good with -R. Looking forward to that result, skelton, as I haven’t burned any TYG02 with my LH-20A1H either. :slight_smile:

Lite-On LH 20A1P
Samsung SH182M
Pioneer DVR-112D

I’d say the Pioneer 112 (D/L you can crossflash)… it’s the closest to BenQ quality in my opinion. I posted a TYG02 burn here:

The jitter is really nice on the 112… discs it burns also scan well on both LiteOn and BenQ drives, too.


If y’all want a rock solid - well supported burner in the vein of the BenQ 1640 - I would strongly suggest the LiteOn SHW-160P6S - available here:

Does excellent burns on TYG02’s-

I just bought two more to backup the workhorse 160P6S in my burning computer-eh!!

I got ripped off from eCost, received a fake tracking number and never received the item. Nice drive but dont purchase it there, find some other vendors

TDK -R 8x (TYG02)
Burned at 8x in the Liteon LH-20A1P fw KL0M.
Scanned in the same drive at 4x and 16x

The LH-20 seems to like TYG02. It is not easy to get a quality
score of 98 with Liteon drives.

All I can say is…wow :clap:…that’s better than a lot of T02s I’ve seen (I mention that due to the fact that T02s seem to be well liked, and TYG02 doesn’t get mentioned so much).

Thanks for the scans :flower:

Yo skelton-

Now those are excellent scans-eh!!! :iagree: :iagree:

(and to be bluntly honest - I don’t get anything close with my LiteOn 160P6S)

Thanks Dalen
Newegg has it in stock, delvd should be under $37.00, have it bookmarked. Will wait for a few more suggestion/scans. Like to get something on ordered by end of week.

Thanks bigmike
Another nice drive. Also checked at Newegg
Should have new stock back in 3 days… good price … little over $33 delvd.

It compares favourably with the LG GSA-H22N and the BenQ
DW1640 which are both very good G02 and T02 burners.

You’re Welcome :slight_smile:

[B]Dennis L, [/B] I can happily recommend the LH-20A1P for
burning G02 and most other DVD media. I don’t have a Pioneer,
but I am impressed by Dalen Quaice’s very nice scan.

You could probably pick up a BenQ if you keep searching.
I find the the LH-20, LH-18 and LG are just as good if not
better than the BenQ it terms of burn quality.

Good Luck with the new drive. If it doesn’t like your
G02’s, feel free to post them to me :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

I see a lot of variation in the quality of G02 and T02 scans
on these forums. The only G02 and T02 discs that I can
buy locally are TDK branded. They always give very good
results with all of my current burners. This might be due
to good quality control by TDK. I rarely see such good
results with 16x TY G03 from Panasonic or T03 from

Wandering off-topic… :o

Thanks Skelton
Well, this one gets my vote, I do like my TYG02’s… they have always burn good for me. About the only negative I’ve read/reviews is noise seems to be issue with many. With 7 plus kids in the house, I doubt that will be a problem. Will come a day when I want to use dual layer disks (stayed away due to price). Can I safely assume this burner does a good job on Verb’s??

Thanks again Skelton

[B]EDIT - Update[/B]

I also have about 75 TDK branded TTGO2’s.
Most work fine, but every once awhile I get some pixilation.
I reserve them for non-compressed, under 4.36 GB, keeping the burn away from disk edge.

Yo Dennis L-

First choice would be Newegg for [I]anything[/I] computer-eh!!

If it makes you feel any better, I managed to rip off eCost. They had a price mistake on a 19" LCD monitor. It was supposed to be $130, but they left of the 1. So, I got two for $45 each shipped with tax. I bet someone got canned over that one…

Here are the 2 main burner (well, really 3, I own 2 Pioneer 112’s) I use for my TY02 media, which was purchased @

Note: I was going to include scans from my “Lite-On LH-20A1H” burner, but it coastered 5 dvd’s in a row like my last 2 litey’s of the same make & model, all at different points in the burn. I tried with HT on & off, didn’t matter. I can only recommend the newest Litey for scanning purposes & burning Verbatim media.

1st: NEC-AD-7170A - FW 1.O4, Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x @ 8x (2007-05-16)
2nd: Pioneer DVR-112 - FW 1.21, Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x @ 12x (2007-06-04)
3rd: Pioneer DVR-112 - FW 8.09, Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x @ 12x (2007-05-19)