My DVD Burner drive DIDN'T come with screws

I posted a few days ago askings for advice on which dvd burner to buy, and on recommendations I bought a NEC 3520A from My cpu is a dell dimension 4300 1.4ghz p4. 128 ram. I’m flipping through the owner’s manual of my PC for information regarding installing a new drive and it says to use the two screws that came with my drive to attach the green plastic rails (I hope other dell users will know what I’m talking about w/ the green rails… by the way, there seem to be 3 sets of these green rails - each a different size, with one having black rubber and screws).

My problem is that my NEC 3520A did not come with two screws, so I’m wondering if there are other screws I can use that I could maybe buy at a hardware store or something, or should I use the screws that were with the green plastic rail that had black rubber on it (although those screws didn’t seem to hold the rail in place all that well)?

Those are pretty standard screws. Just go to your local computer store and let them know what you need them for (attaching rails to a CD/DVD drive), and they’ll be able to give you what you need.

nice, thanks man.

If you are lucky, you get a handful for free. Happened to me a few times :). Mention you need it for your DVDRW drive, as there are different sizes of screws.

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