My DVD burner doesn't write at 1x, why not?



Hi everybody.
Well, i have the DVD recorder BenQ DW1655, but when I open nero to burn my blank dvds, it shows only the following speeds (options to burn):

  • 2.4x
  • 4.0x
  • 8.0x

Is there any way to write DVD-R blank disks at “1.0x” speed?



Why in the world would you want to write at 1x-eh?


Yes, but no in your case.

You are using DVD+R, the lowest supported speed is 2.4x.
DVD-R can be written at 1x, but god knows why you would ever write that slow, unless it was an incredibly $hit quality disk and the burner dropped down to the lowest possible speed to maintain decent quality burn.

Media is designed to burn at it’s rated speed, with the exception of 16x media, which is generally best written at 12x on older burners, and 16x on newer burners.


Hi BigMike7
well, I would like to burn at 1.0x because when I try to backup some dvd movie here with 2.4x speed or up, and when I go to my dvd (table/home) player (dvd player on the table, not that one inside my PC), it start to freeze sometimes, making the movie so disgusting to watch.
So, I heard somebody told me that If I burn at [B]1.0x [/B] it is 90% that it will play without freezes in my dvd home player.
thats the reason.
thanks for any help that you can send to me :sad:


Hi debro


I’m not using DVD[B]+[/B]R media. :disagree:
I’m using DVD[B]-[/B]R media. :iagree:
And Nero only show to me 2.4x, 4.0x and 8.0x speeds.
But I would LOVE to burn at [B]1.0x[/B].
If you or anybody could help me, I would be very glad :confused:


1655 is a good burner. Dont go slower, just buy a Verbatim made in taiwan or sony (better japanese) and u’ll be fine


thanks, buts thats a wish I would love to do ok? burn at [B]1x [/B] would solve my problems :smiley: :bow:

[B]TDK [/B] DVD-R is a good media?
Here in my country its very hard to find verbatim disks, 1 time I’ve found an online store here, so I bought from them 20 DVD-RW disks… very good.
But in the same store only TDK (??? dont know the country) or SONY (taiwan) disks… but i dont know if TDK worths the squeeze :bigsmile:


Please put one of your TDK discs into the burner & run nero infotool.

Please post the results log between [ code ] tags.

I doubt that burning at 1x will solve your problem, unless you have DMA turned off.


1x burning will not fix your problms.

The BenQ slowest speed is 2.4x but it uses this for DVD- and DVD+ media. The drive does not support slower burning. Also, you will be limited to the media speed listed in the firmware of the drive. You could try and use SolidBurn / overspeed (technically your not overspeeding but it unlocks all speeds) to allow access to speeds outside of those known by the firmware but you will still be limited by the lower 2.4x limit.

It may be worth enabling Solidburn on your DW1655 (download Qsuit from BenQ’s website) to try and learn a strategy for the poor discs you have, this has allowed me to get some good burns on some very poor media and faked MID coded discs before.

BTW, slower burning at 1x speed is almost a falasy, modern drives and media burn best at or just below rated speed. High speed media can actually burn worse at slower speed because the die gets over exposed and produces a poor representation of the pits and lands.


As the other responses have said, burning at 1x with modern high-speed DVD-R media will greatly increase, not decrease, the odds of getting a coaster (unreadable/unplayable disc). This is because the PIFs (Parity Inner Failures) and POFs (Parity Outer Failures) will increase dramatically with slower writing speeds, especially on burners whose write strategies don’t properly implement slow-speed writing.

On the other hand, if you’ve been getting DVD-R’s which become unplayable on standalone DVD players when burned at the higher speeds that such media is designed for, either you have crappy media or your burner does not properly support this media (in terms of write strategy).

By the way, I had TDK DVD-R media (MIT) rated at 8x - and it did not burn well at its rated speed (the write speed was forced to drop to 4x in order to complete the burn). This lead me to believe that this media is lacking in quality control.


Makes not really sense because the burning quality would even better with your burner and good 8x media, and will save you time anyway.


I had a problem trying to burn an ISO image file (from nero) to a DVD+R blank media…

help is welcome, thanks --> CLICK HERE (THE LINK IS HERE)


Since you redirected your own enquiries, I’ll thankfully close this thread.