My DVD-burner doesnt detect blank DVD's!

hi, im using the 'Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R5002 (1:0) and it works all fine, e.g. burning CD’s, watching DVD’s ect… but when i go to burn anything on a DVD disk it doesnt detect a disk. I used to be able to burn DVDs with it but it just stopped :a

can anyone recommend on what i do…

thanks :wink:

What DVD-media do you use? The 5002 can only burn DVD-R/RW, not +R/RW.

on the disk it says ’ DVD+R…

Easy solution.


Yeah, you need other media or a other writer.

The 5002 is an awful burner, and I´m sure it doesn´t like newer media.

thanks for the help, that really sorts my problem out. NOT

I have the same problem on my Sony VAiO VGN-FS115M laptop , with Sony DVD RW DW-56A burner. Where can i find info about what DVDs i can burn ? Tnx in advice

You bought this media, you cannot make others responsible for that.


Comes in a SONY Laptop, so you should ask Sony or visit their support sites.

i have sony dvd rw DRU-700A. Whenever I load a blank DVD, it changes the DVD drive into a ‘CD drive’ and doesnt show any info, but it detects blank cds, but previously when i burned same brand dvds into dvds, it can read those as well as others, my hard disk is full, and i wanna burn stuff ASAP. please help!!!

Did you forget where you posted this previously? :wink:

I am new to this site,
I have a similiar question:

I have a Toshiba DVD-Rm SD-R5002- DVD-RW

My DVD-burner doesnt detect DVD-RW blank dvd, but it does detect dvd-r.

Any suggestions?


Probably the DVD-Rw you try are not supported by your drive, your drive surely can only use 1x/2x rated DVD-RW.

The discs are how rated?

Office depot 4x, this may be the reason. Man that sucks.

Yes, that is the reason.