My DVD burner doesn't accpet DVD anymore


maybe i’m dumb maybe i’m not, anyway.
i’ve got a problem. my dvd burner IISonic doesnt accept dvdr neither DVD movies. It does accept cd and cdr and burn them too.
I’ve installed cdrwin and as far as i remember it was working well just before i’ve installed this soft, but i’m not really sure. That’s why i think it could be the fault of the aspi installed by cdrwin. But i don’t understand why the drive still accept cd but no dvd.
Any advices to fix this out?

thanks a lot


it was able to accept them earlier i take it? uninstall cdrwin and try it again, trial and error

that’s what i did. i did uninstall cdrwin but the problem is still the same. and yes it was working before, but i’m not sure it’s directly linked to the cdrwin installation.



I have the same problem with my dvd burner as well. My burner is a NEC ND-2510A. The drive only reads CD’s. It will not recognize any DVD, even factory ones. I just bought it a couple of days ago, and I even burned a few DVDs. Then for some reason the drive wont even read them. Any help offered would be great.



I replied and said I had the same problem. I just fixed it right now and it works like it used to. All I did was use System Restore under the Accessories and systems tools in Windows XP. I restored it to a couple of days before I installed the burner. Try it out. Good luck.


thanks for the info, i’m gonna try this out.


i can’t do the restaure system that allow me to get my drive back.
Any other ideas?



hi bends666, sorry for calling u a satanist, its juust the “666” in your name, :D, i presume you have tried removing cdrwin, but i am pretty sure that the spi has been left on the system, try downloading a new aspi i have hosted for you HERE (right click the “here” and click “save target as”), install that and reboot, then try, if not it would probibly be best to do a complete system restore, hope that helps. ben.


i’m gonna try

ok, let me know if it works :bigsmile:

just to let you know… my burner had that same problem again after i restarted my computer. I have my burner in an external case, and it seems that I finally figured it out. I just have to go to the icon in the lower right corner of the windows start bar and click on the USB icon, then stop the drive, then turn off the drive. After I turned the drive back on, it read DVDs again. I dont know if you have yours in an external, but if you do, give it a try.

Well i did not get it back. my last hope is to reinstall complete system but i’m lazy to do that for now. i’ll tell you. In another hand if someone experienced same kind of problem let me know. thanks

kk, well best wait untill anouther problem with your pc comes along, then u will hav good reason to reinstall windows, fingers crossed :wink: