My DVD Burner Can Read But Wont Burn



I have a Plextor PX-740A that I realized it hasnt been working well recently. The drive can read DVD fine but each time I insert a blank disk in, it will say “No Disc is present in Drive E:!” in the AnyDVD Information page. When I open Nero and click on the Make Data DVD thing the window that’s suppose to pop up wont come up. I also had just installed the latest firmware. I really need help right now b/c I can’t afford to buy a new burner until next year.

Edit: When I reopen the AnyDVD Information page, and has a blank disk in, it would say “Drive E: is disabled!” But it saids “This device is working properly.” on the drive’s property page…


What do you expect from a BLANK DVD??

Use a proper burning app and disable autoplay crap.


Nero IS a good burning app and I DID disable the autoplay thing


Then either test the drive in another computer or make a complete new OS installtion…


whats that?..


You might need to reinstall a new OS in other words your Operating System.
For example: Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS and Linux.