My DVD and DVDshrink. DVDSHRink won't recognize menu structures



I made several dvd’s from camcorder movies. I put the movie on and a “preview” clip I made using cinemagic.

The disks and menus work fine but when I try to make a back up copy with dvd shrink (because I often get errors with copydisk software), it says it can’t recognize the menu structure. Why wouldn’t dvdshrink recognize the mydvd menus?



just use dvd decrypter to make an image of it…then burn it as an image.:slight_smile:


I tried that but decryptor is super sensitive to any scratches… I take good care but I get errors (that I assume are from scratches). I could say “ignore errors” I guess… but would I get a good copy then?



tell ya what…d’load Voblanker and use it to pull the dvd files off of your disc…see if that works

you can tick that ignore errors option but if it’s getting to be where u can’t copy anything from those discs…it’s sounds like you have a bad burn…and your drive can’t read it…period