My Dual Layer Skips A Chapter

Hi All
I Recently Backed Up Father Ted Using Dvd Shrink And Then Burned With Nero Onto A Traxdata Dual Layer Using An Nec 3500. The Problem Is When It Gets To The End Of The First Layer It Doesnt Carry On Playing That Chapter But Jumps To The Next One. Thee Data Is There If You Rewind The Disc But It Seems To Miss It Out On Playback On My Toshiba Sd530e. Im Reasonably New To The Dual Layer Format And Any Advice Would Be Gratefully Received.
Thanks In Advance

Are you using Nero Recode? Also give CloneDVD a try. Most users here don’t have a lot of experience with DL media…cause of the price. Now if you could send me a disc, then I will be glad to run the test for you. I also have the NEC 3500.

Which firmware are you using? What is the media ID code of the DL DVD?

no i dont have recode. where can you get clone dvd? i think its firmware 2c8. the id code i havent got a clue if you let me know how to find that out as well ill let you know. im in the northwest uk where abouts are you to send the the disc you can pm me if you want.when i eventually get some more discs ill send one over im having problems at the moment getting them.

Go to and download both CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Run AnyDVD in the background. Now launch CloneDVD and backup the movie. Make sure you click the DVD-9 option in CloneDVD. This will activate DL media support. Visit the CloneDVD forum for more help.

Going to be very expensive sending the DL media to the US. Give CloneDVD and AnyDVD a try.

2.X8 should be okay. There is a new firmware 2AD. You can post a question at the NEC forum for more help with the latest FW.

yeah, i have the same problem here, too… i backed up Ray with dvd decrypter (ISO Read) and burned the movie (ISO Write) onto a Mitsubishi DVD+R DL disc… the movie runs smoothly until 5/6th of the way… the DVD then skips a nd basically leaves out nearly one chapter. when i rewinded the DVD, i noticed that the video from the skipped chapter is there… the DVD mysteriously skips… anyone know why? yeah, i know a lot of you probably haven’t had any experiences with the DL format… this happened to be my first foray…