My DRW 1016IM is dead..How do I revive?

My first time on this forum.

I have a DRW 1016IM from PC world which has given me problems from day one. It was originally shipped with A07M firmware so using liveupdate I upgraded to A190. Still had problems.
Finally I decided to return the unit back to factory default using MKTFlash v180 (Oh no…)

MTKflash reported the following:

Found DVD drive
Erasing chip…
Updating Firmware 00%…

And the dreaded green light came on…:frowning:

Now although I can still get access to the drive I get the same message:

How do I recover from this? PLEASE HELP

PS already tried MTKFlash 1.83c

i hate to have told you this bnow, but u didnt have to use mtk flash to downgrade your drives firmware

i cannot help u on this one as i never have messed my drive up like you did

a089 is by far the best firmware for the 1016 tho

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have you tired to recover your drive according to the Flash Failure Recovery Instructions found at

A089 gave me the same bad results as A07M and A190

It was this download that screwed the drive up!

Question: Do I need to flash a .bin file and a .hex file to recover the drive, or will the .hex file be sufficient?

the hex file is usually the original BTC file and the bin files are the modified BTC versions. Is your drive detected correctly in the bootscreen? If not then you can also try this.

what media are you used, the media code exactly

I had the same problem but i got it fixed… see thread on forum: HELP ERROR MESSAGE

I had the same problem but i got it fixed… see thread on forum: HELP WITH ERROR MESSAGE!!

Thanks everyone,
I must have had a corrupt download.
Downloaded a089 with mtk and flashed ok.
Drive working but still crap. i.e.
Wont burn correctly, gives I/O write error during erase cycle, sees DVDs as CD’s, causes Nero to change book type without instruction, hangs IDE port when reading DVD-ROM.

Will try to get £39 refund from PC world.

“You only get what you pay for in this world”

Bad English!I had the same problem but i fixed it within a 5 hours.The problem is not detecting ide in boot screen.So for DVDRW 1016IM ide you have firstly to donload mtk180 and A091(I have extract A091 from WinprogramFlasher IDE1016_A091_MCU.EXE,put them to a dirctory c:FW.That is the begining.
Make a dos boot disk and if HD is ntfs format make another disk with ntfsdos.exe file.
Set DVDRW in Master and Reboot PC conecting cable in another dvdRW drive in secondary master mode.Then insert other disk containing ntfsdos.exe file a:
Your hard drive now is D or E.Type d:\cd fw-and now for Gery99 is the most important step writing correctly (d:\fw mtk180 3 w /m A091.hex) that’s all.After you see Erasing chip… and recover or writing bank OK!