My drive turned off the PC

I ve got LG GSA-4167B drive.
PC: Acer Veriton 7200 - P4 1500Mhz, 512 MB Ram, Riva TNT2 VGA, WD HDD 40Gb

I use “VERBATIM” DVD- 16x to burn films on the medium.

However when I watch films directly from medium when in drive …it makes drive to slow down the speed and ends with turning off the system without any warning. Sometimes after 1hour, sometimes not …only when I watch the DVD film directly from LG drive.

When I copy the same film from LG drive to HDD, makes no problems at all.

where is the problem? pls help


there is a thread about PSU issues with the 4167. See, if you encounter exactly that problem.


I believe this usually happens when you have a inadequately powered psu. The pc doesnt have enough power running through it to keep it on.