My drive might actually be a 1655 instead of a 1650

My Dell E510 came with a Philips DVD8801 DVD drive and shortly after purchasing the computer I crossflashed it over to a BenQ 1650. I’ve been using it successfully that way for a couple months now.

Today I was installing a new drive (Lite-On 160P6S) and in the process I examined the Phlips drive closer than I ever have before. In small text it says BenQ. And in one other place it says 1655!

When I bought this computer I believe a LightScribe drive was an upgrade option that I didn’t purchase, so I’m really surprised if this actually is a 1655.

Aside from buying LightScribe media and trying to print, is there another way to tell if this is actually a 1655?


Flash it to 1655 and see if the red LED is on inside. Open the tray and look towards the bottom center.

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First by cross flashing the drive I hope you know you have avoided your completely warranty for your Dell System, second if your newly discovered drive (BenQ 1655) been shown as LightScribe drive then it is 1655 otherwise is 1650. Good Luck.

BTW, I just crossflashed my drive over to 1655 BCGB firmware and did a test burn/scan. This is the best burn I’ve ever got with MCC004 media! And I’ve tried pretty much all of the 1650 firmwares! This was with all the default settings in QSuite.

Hummmm…not totally sure what I’m looking for, but I didn’t see any kind of light inside the drive.

I felt it was worth it to void the warranty on a $40-ish drive to get access to BenQ’s firmware, QSuite, etc.

Scan quality performance between percentages of 92-%97 is normal and easily can be achieved only percentage of 98 - %99 is hard to get.

That may not be an amazing burn, but considering I was getting much higher PIE/PIFs and never broke 96% with the 1650 firmwares with MCC004…I’m pretty happy.

go to and download a lightscribe driver, go into nero cover designer and design a label, see if you can burn a label with the drive. That will tell you for sure if it is a 1655.

If he owns some lightescribe medias …

I own a retail 1650 and it is also written in small 1655!!!
My brother owns an OEM 1650 and it is also written in small 1655. SO I guess all 1650 are like that.??

Per my initial post, I was hoping to avoid buying LightScribe media, but maybe I’ll have to. But it sounds like it might just be a 1650 anyway (even though it has 1655 written on it).

Whatever the case, I need to do some more burns/scans, but it appears I am getting better burns with the 1655 firmware.

Yes my oem 1650 also has 1655 written on it.

My retail 1650 has 1655 in small letters too!

yeah, i think all DW1650’s say “1655” on them.

If you cannot see the red light like the picture below, then it has no LightScribe hardware and thus not a DW1655.

Thanks for the pic, zevia! I’ll double-check my drive when I get home tonight, but I’m almost positive it doesn’t have that light.

Switching to another interesting matter that has come about from this…are any other people out there choosing to run 1655 firmware instead of 1650 firmware in their 1650?

Actually, I’m running 1655 firmware in a drive that appears to be a 1650 that is actually a Phillips DVD8801. :slight_smile:

I’m running a Philips 1660, that I first crossflashed to a 1650, and have now crossflashed to a 1655. For me, I’m sticking with 1655 firmware, as my RITEKF1 perform unbelievably well in it, better than the 1650 firmware :smiley:

Hmmm…so how many others have cross-flashed 1650 to 1655? Can you go back to 1650? Any special procedure or application to use?


Yes you can go back to 1650 without any problem. Both drives have the same hardware. No special procedure, just the standard with BQFlasher.

You mean, the second line of text on the right, in the picture below? “BQR-DW1655(B)”?

This is a Korean Radio Research Lab certification code.

Only one code is issued for a family of devices, so 1650 and 1655 and their Philips equivalents go through the process together and get one code. It doesn’t mean anything else.