My Drive Isnt Working At All



Its A Ts-h652 And I Took It Out Of A Vista Cpu And Im Tryin To Run It On Xp Can Someone Plz Help Me


Is it connected correctly?


yes it read but it wont load up anything


Not working at all then isn’t exactly correct then…

How about some detailed info on what you are doing, tying to do and what you want to do?


play movies an burn cd/dvd cuz its a multi


Do you have a dvd player installed?

Do you have a burning program installed?


i had div x and i have real plyer


Install the programs that you were using with Vista.


i dont know what they were cuz it was a computer that i found and this making me wanna cry


its a ts-h652 can someone help me asap cuz im tryin to burn pornos


Please don’t cross-post the same question across the forums. It’s better that you give us more detailed information, since that’s probably why you are getting few answers.


i think i need a new driver but i cant find any does anyone know where i can get one


Really, try tsst corp then.