My drive compatible

I was having issues with dvdfab so I did a clean uninstall

I was wondering if my dvd burnerwas compatible or ect…
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7563A

Everytime I tried burning a dvd it would go to the doc folder i put the blank dvd and the box opens that says:

No Media Detected in Drive “E”:
Please Insert Compatible Media To Start The Write Process

With out knowing exactly what you did makes it kind of hard to help, but I would think that maybe the the source is DVD9 in size and the disk is DVD5 (single layer). It also could be that the source is close to the maximum size for a DVD5 and the settings in DVDFab are not set correctly (under common settings/DVD look at DVD Writeable Media for both DVD5 and DVD9). If I remember correctly the default is 4300MB for DVD5 and 8000 for DVD9. :slight_smile:

Well here is exactly what happened, I posted the problem a while back but the problem never got solved so I done a clean install…


Any help would be appreciated…

[quote=BigLiquid530;2021373]Well here is exactly what happened, I posted the problem a while back but the problem never got solved so I done a clean install…


Any help would be appreciated…[/quote]

Ok, lets see if we can figure this one out. When you say that you are getting a message about no media in the “E:” is that your burner? What kind of media are you using Single Layer (DVD5) or Dual Layer (DVD9). Dou you have VLC loaded on your system (if not you can get it from and it is free). If you use VLC can you try and open the ISO to make sure that it is OK.

Can you take a screen shot of the settings that are shown in DFDFab for the DVD Write Screen and post it?

I don’t have any Dual Layers right now but I tried the clone mode to ISO then put a blank Single Layer in my drive and got a message that said it was a single layer and I needed a Dual Layer (I am using the beta) also by burner is a Sony DRU-820A and seems to work flawlessly.

Hmm, no I dont have VLC, so I will download it.(Will VLC work with Windows Vista)?

Yeah when it burns to the hard drive"Doc folder" it tells me the message about no media in E:… So then I pop the movie out of the burner drive(which is the E: drive) Put the blank in and then box dissapears, and pops up again saying the same thing. Im doing this on full movie mode. Im using dual layer… Im using the free platinum version off of… Is that the Beta version?

Also I dont know how to take screen shots… Is there a free program I can download for that? thank’s for taking time to help me…


Yes VLC should run just fine on Vista.
What brand of Dual Layer DVD’s are you using? Some burners have issues with some media types (check around on the board for the recommended types to use).
You can tell the version from the help about screen (see DVDFab about.jpg attachement for example). Which version are you using?
Check the other attachment in the Zip for common settings for size of the DVD blank.
You can also down load VSO inspector from (it is free) which will give you a ton of information about your drive and the DVD.
You can also download Imgburn (it is free as well) to see if it will burn your movies to the DVD ( It can also be used as the burn engine for DVDFab (atleast in the platinum version).
To take screen shots you can just press alt-printscrn and then paste it into paint (which you should have on your computer already).