My drive-comparison of scanning abilities/results

So, this is a DVD I burned with my Plex 755A. Unfortunately I set AS to Auto by accident, so the result is not as good as the ones I get with AS-Off

Media: TY Silver printable (from xmediatrade; 49 € per 100 pieces pack)
Mediacode: TYG02
Burner: Plextor 755A 1.05
Burnspeed: 8x
AS: ON (did create strategy)
Software: ImageBurn

I was interrested in how my various drives report the errors of the disc.

  1. benQ 1620 / Liteon 1693 4x / LiteOn 165P6S 4x / LiteOn 165P6S 8x / Plextor 755A

  1. Jitter by LiteOn 165P6s 2x / LiteOn 165P6S 4x / Plex 755A high accuracy

I’m not used to what Plextor reports as jitter, so no idea what that means :stuck_out_tongue: