My Documents not accessible

I mistakenly did a recovery on my pc and lost everything, because my pc went back to its original format. Most things have been returned, But, the “My Documents” folder and information will not appear. I get this message: c:\documents and settings\owner\my documents is not accessible. Access is denied" Can anyone out there help me? All my info is in “My Documents” and I did not back anything up - because I do not know how. I have XP. Please help me!:sad:

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What it seems like is that you had made your user profile private at some earlier stage. As doing a recovery would have likely wiped your original user account, you’ll need to reset the permissions of this folder.

I’m not sure how technical you are, but you can try the following. I’m assuming you’re using Windows XP Home. These steps should work with XP Professional also:

[li]Boot the PC into the safe mode: After turning on the PC, repetitively press F8 until the selection appears, then choose “Safe Mode” and press enter.[/li][li]After you log on, click “Yes” to proceed into safe mode.[/li][li]Go into My Computer and then into “Documents and Settings”[/li][li]Right-click on the folder you cannot access (i.e. owner) and click ‘Properties’[/li][li]Go into the “Security” tab and click ‘OK’ to any error that appears’.[/li][li]Click the “Advanced” button, go into the “Owner” tab and click “Administrators”, tick “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” and click ‘OK’ to both dialogues.[/li][li]Right-click on the folder you cannot access again and click ‘Properties’.[/li][li]Go to the “Security” tab and click “Add…”[/li][li]In the box that appears, type in “Administrators” (without the quotes) and click ‘OK’.[/li][li]Put a tick beside “Full Control”, then click the “Advanced” button and tick the option “Replace permission entries on all child objects…”.[/li][li]Click ‘Yes’ if a confirm request appears and click ‘OK’.[/li][li]Reboot back into normal mode and hopefully you have access now. ;)[/li][/ol]