My DMR ES15 is dead - what instead of?



My DMR ES15 stopped working. I need a recorder with similar, high quality of recording in extended time range (2-3h/DVD-5). Any suggestions?


Dmr Es25, Dmr Ez17, Dmr Ez27


[QUOTE=CCRomeo;2068846]Dmr Es25, Dmr Ez17, Dmr Ez27[/QUOTE]

ES-25 - year 2006 line,
EZ-x7 - this line has no good reputation.

Maybe another manufacturer?


some ES25s can still me found and the EZ x7 series not that bad, my ES 15 and ES 25 still working fine except some DVD-RAM discs will not read.

Any other better is a good question, all seem to have their share of problems that may not show up for a year or more. :frowning:

One problem may be the media changes faster the the recorders can make adjustments.


I got the DMR-EZ28 and I am completely satisfied with it.