My dmr-bs750eb keeps deleting all my programs

I got a panasonic blu-ray dmr-bs750eb disc recorder at xmas and after a month i turned it on but all my saved programs on the hd drive had disappeared and my hd drive said it was full and i’d have to delete programs to record again but there was nothing there.I formatted the hd drive which sorted the problem but another month on its done it again and was wondering what could be the problem.:confused:

Did you read the manual to see if it deletes them every so often or is there any settings that you might have to set ?

I’ve had a good look through the manual and can’t find anything out of the ordinary.The firmwares upto date so i’m a bit puzzled.I only had about 5 programs on the hdd but they all disappeared and the hdd is showing up full so i can’t record anything until i delete something but theres nothing there to delete.

xmas… so there is still warranty left…

A lot of recorders like that have a delete last recorded program function or delete a repeat program once the new one is recorded. It sounds like yours has other issues but that’s some setting you can look for.