My Display Looks Like a Kaleidoscope!

About a week ago, my display started distorting. When I turn the monitor on in the morning, it appears as if I’m looking through a fresnel lens. Re-setting the computer solves the problem until the next time. I have tried replacing the video card, but the same problem persists. I have virus and malware checkers on my system. Anyone have a clue? This is driving me crazy.

I may be wrong but I think your monitor is on its way out, had a similar experience a while back with an old monitor. If you have another monitor lying around try hooking it up and seeing if your problem persisit…

Thanks for the reply. That is the next logical step. My monitor is a less than year old Samsung LCD. I better check the warranty. Gulp!

I was going to ask if it is an LCD display. You have already said that it is, and that then is certainly your problem. I had a brand new LG LCD monitor that was like that permanently.

I returned it and got a replacement LG. That went the same after less than three months. I returned that and exchanged it for an Hercules LCD. That was nearly three years ago and it’s still going strong :bow:

The display seems fine. After swapping video cards to no avail, I swapped displays, putting the Samsung LCD on my Linux box and an older CRT on my XP box. Both displays are working fine. Samsung says it may be software that is screwing with the display, so I guess the next step is to uninstall everything from the last 3 weeks or so. Yikes!