My dilemma

had my 2500A for about a month, and burtnt about 50 discs fine, no coasters, good quality.

i have been using datasafe ritek G04 (pricey) and some cheap G04 ‘orangetop’ - both with no problems.

however, the ripping is slow, and its region locked.

do i flash the drive with edited FW or not?!

dont want to lose my good burns!

The unlocked firmware is based on the original 1.06 firmware.

You can check your version using DVDInfoPro and the info in the “2 versions of 1.06” thread.

Backup the firmware before flashing - then if you have any problems you can reflash it.

Better long term strategy is to get a separate DVD-ROM. I recently paid £20 for a new boxed JLMS (Liteon) 166S (up to 16x, very easy to remove region lock).

i have a 166s but it appears to have problems - anyone know anything about fixing dvdroms =]