My Dell OEM Philips 8631 --> BenQ 1620 Pro?

Ok, I want to know if I can upgrade my DVD burner to the BenQ 1620 Pro.

Currently my burner only supports 4x DVD+R and 2.4 DL DVD+R.

Is it possible through flashing the firmware to upgrade it BenQ?

I currently have these tools and firmware, I haven’t done anything with them yet:

BenQCVT flasher by Dangerous Bros.

Has any accomplished this or know if it work?

Thanks for all your help.

Ok, I got my drive flashed to a BenQ 1620 f/w B7L9.

Once the new ‘Pro’ f/w is out, will I be able to flash to it and get the 4x DL ?


It’s out it’s the B7P9 firmware. Go to the BenQ global site or look for a thread in this forum.

Thanks Hef.

BTW, is there a nice little utilities that I can determine the maximum writing speeds with?

Yes look at the P firmware and tool thread here in this forum.

Thanks again Hef