My Daytek DVR-P30 won't play DVD+R DL

I just got a Dual Layer DVD burner. I burnt a DVD+R DL and it won’t play on my Daytek DVR-P30 DVD recorder, so I was wondering if there is a software or firmware up grade that will allow my Daytek to play DVD+R DL discs. My cheap noname brand ($50.00) DVD player will play the disc.

According to the reviews of this player at, Daytek does not provide firmware updates. And no one has tried a DVD+R DL in it…

Was it a decent disc (ie, Verbatim)? Maybe this player is a bit more finnicky about media than your other one. I doubt this is a booktype issue since it’s a recorder, it should be pretty good with all formats…

What for a burner you’ve and what dl media you’re usin? If your burner supports
booktype settings, you could set it to dvd-rom to get a higher chance to play the disc
on the player.

I got a package of 3 Memorex Double Layer DVD+R DL (2.4X) for Fathers Day and I used a LG GSA-4120B 12X Super Multi DVD Rewriter.

Probably Ritek then, which isn’t the best, but since it plays fine in your other player I’d say it sounds like it’s written okay. Sounds like the Daytek is just being picky then… I did see some people at the VideoHelp review talking about crossflashing it to a Lite-On, perhaps that could be something to investigate.