My data has vanished!

Has anyone ever heard of this happening? I have a home video collection archived onto DVD. 10 out of 18 of these dvds have suddenly stopped playing in any of my computers or stand alone dvd players. These dvds were recorded less than 6 months ago and after I recorded them I checked to make sure thay worked.

Any comments would be appreciated.



hey, welcome here…

i’m no super genious here, but i can advise you that whoever can help, they will need to know more about your details.

media name, media manufacturer, drive it was burned to, firmware, etc…

the more the better

hope you’ll find answers here

if you used low quality media, their condition may have quickly deteriorated. as mkteku asked, who manufactured your dvds? if you don’t know how to find that out, you can use either dvd identifier or dvdinfopro, both of which are linked in my sig.

Hi Guys, thanks for the welcoming.
The media is Maxell DVD-R Ver 2.0. I have two drives, for sure some were burned by my Sony DRU-10A. Does this help? I will use dvd identifier to try and get the other info for you. Thanks.