My D Drive won't open

Ok, I was playing Halo earlier, it then froze so I manually restarted the computer. After that I clciked on the Halo icon. It said it to put in the correct disc. So I tried to open the drive to close it to see if it’d recognize the disc, and the drive wouldn’t open. So I restarted the computer normally one more time. Still won’t open!!!

I even went to My Computer, right clicked D: Drive and clicked eject and wouldn’t open. I even put the paper clip in the small whole on the drive and it opened but not all the way out. I had to pull the tray out all the way. Closed it, tried to push the button for it to open, didn’t open. How can I get it to open?

Please, try not to confuse me!!! Lol

Thank you sooo much!

I reallly need to know!

Does the Drive light come on when the machine boots up? What does your device manager say? Try unistalling your IDE BUS Drivers (from Device manager) and rebooting.

PS this isnt instant chat - 12 minutes for a response is pretty damn good! :wink:

Lol, I understand, and no the green light on the drive doesn’t come on. What does that mean? and wheer si my device manager? Lol, sry

you don’t specify your OS, but I’m going to guess xp or at the very least windows.

right click my computer and click properties. go to the hardware tab then click the device manager button.

to uninstall the IDE bus drivers, right click it, click uninstall. reboot your computer and it should re-recognize whatever was uninstalled startup.

also, cross posting is frustrating for those that try to help you. no need to have this post in more than one forum.

So it seems as if the drive is unpowered. Device Manager > hit Windows and pause/break > Hardware> Device Manager> IDE ATAPI Controllers> Select the correct channel. (usually secondary) is there a device? Under the same IDE ATAPI Controllers should be IDE BUS Master (or similar) open it and uninstall the device> Reboot. Before going back into windows go into bios and Standard CMOS Features, is the drive in BIOS? Do you have an Auto Detect Option?

Yes, it is XP, sprry, forgot OS means operating system, lol. But, if I uninstall it, how does that solve anything? And what does uninstalling it do. Cus I don’t want to mess my comp up and then have to tell my dad I uninstalled stuff and I didn’t really know what I was doing!! Lol, and when you said un install the bus drivers, there are threee, NVidia NForce MCP2 IDE Controller, Primary IDE Channel and Secondary, which one do I uninstall? And when you say it’ll re-recognize it, what does that do?

This sounds kinda like what reasonsnotrules said, but you added on something about the BIOS, and yes, I do have it under BIOS, actually Duel BIOS. Where is this auto-detect otption located?

sort of off topic, I read in another forum some one said to restart comp. in safe mode, does this even help and if so how do i reboot in safe mode??? tap F11 when comp is restarted or somethin?

NVidia NForce MCP2 IDE Controller
This is the one to Uninstall - Reboot, Dont worry XP has its own Generic Driver that will reinstall upon Boot up - Follow the prompts. I doubt Safe mode will help you.

What does uninstalling this do? And lets just say I mess it up, how to I get to system restore?

uninstalling it will render the ide controller useless for the moment. it’s as if you unplugged it almost.

once you reboot the computer will recognize that you have “new” hardware attached and will adapt as such.

Well, I uninstalled, rebooted then restarted cus the prompt told me to. Then I tried the drive it still won’t open. Did I knock a cord loose or something on it so it’s not working. Before my Dad gets home I can take the side panel of my comp. off and try to plug the cord back in. But, which cord would it be??? Could you tell me a color or shape please? Cus if it’s powerless even after I did that, then maybe it just got knocked loose or something.

Well, some people from Tri-Rivers came today. One of them happened to be a friend of mine. He is on his Junior year with some Computer crap that i’ve never ehard of. I was like, “Yo, my D drive won’t work…blah blah blah.” He then ssid to make sure (using 1st grader terminaology) to make sure the grey wite attatched to it is all the way in. Lol. I got home tore open the comp. Jiggkled a few wires here and there and bam. Sweet Jesus, woo hoo. I was scared it wouldn’t work for my dad would believe I purposely broke it to get attention or somethign fo that sort. Lol. But, thank you all for the help and the patients. Lol. Thank you Pollushon and reasonsnotrules!!!

Good to hear - your one of the lucky ones, wire jiggling has never worked for me.:slight_smile:

Lol, well, it was a little loose, guess I got it loose somehow. But thanks again!!! :bow:

Lol this is definitely a pro site after all :smiley:

Or is it just a sign of the times that as soon as you’ve cocked something up you goto a forum for help instead figuring out whats actually wrong . . . well we all make mistakes . . .

No, if you read, I tried whatever I could. But, then I asked for help…