My Copies Keep Skipping

Help, the last 4 or 5 movies that I backed up keep having freeze ups. I’ve tried cleaning the original and the blank, I’ve tried using different dvd players and no matter what I try, they keep freezing up on me. I’m using Maxell dvd+r media and as far as I know I’m not doing anything different than what I did before. I never had any problems making perfect copies. I’ve kept up with the updates including the latest beta , I don’t know what’s wrong all of a sudden. I use a Lite-On 1633 dvd burner and it’s worked fine. I use the dvd fab decrypter and clone dvd to write the dvd after fab finnishes. Can somebody give me some help please? Thank you very much . Mike

Yes. I bet that Maxell is made in taiwan. Buy Verbatim (ironically taiwanese) and try again. Or do a quality scan first to be sure.

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Hi astone2665,

Sounds like a poor quality media issue…

Have a look at the Golden Rules Of Burning

regards, katzz:)

Yep, probably crappy media burned too fast. Lots of people will disagree with me here but I still advocate burning at 4x or less to minimize errors.

Yes media is the key to good or bad burns. I use TY -R 4x for most burns because I can get them in bulk for 25-30 cents each. Wish the made a DL, but with tthe success of 3.0 burning whole disc to SL works so good I don’t see the need to spend the extra money for DL verbs.


We’ve gone through tons of DVD-R media where I work–Memorex has given us all kinds of issues (mostly with Home-DVD player incompatiblities). Maxell has given us issues too (skipping, freezing), but that was a long time ago. We’ve been using Verbatim for a long time now.

As someone else suggested, Verbatim has been our media of choice, TY has been pretty good too, but we’ve seen some QC issues with the discs (5 out of 100 coming pre-scratched from the factory). Same with Ritek media on the QC side.

Hmm, to be honest I don’t rely on Lite-On burners that much, they are too picky with lots of media.
I have a Pioneer 111D and I never had issues with it. I also use only Plextor or Verbatim media, just to prevent those skipping issues. :iagree:

I don’t know if I had bad luck or what, but out of 3 Lite-On burners (2 Lite-On branded, 1 Sony (Lite-On OEM)) only one would actually burn movies that would play on a run-of-the DVD player.

Now I’m using Pioneer drives and I’ll never go back to the Lite-On junk.

Well, we all have our favorites…and opinions. I haven’t found liteys to be picky at all…I own 5 of 'em (and 2 standalones) and while a couple are retired, they all still work. IMO, they are superb readers…will read many discs that would otherwise fail. Having said this, I prefer my Benq 1655 to burn, but I’ve never had issues burning with my litey’s.
Agree with everyone re: quality media. I use verbs and TY’s myself…and while it’s not an absolute, try to stick with made in Japan.

Hello again everyone. I just want to thank everyone who responded to my question. Thanks for your help and thoughts. As a matter of fact, I had a 100 ct. spindle of Verbatim media which had run out and thats why I had bought a 15 ct. of the Max. media to hold me over till I got on Newegg to order more Verbatim DVD’s. By the way, what are Ty’s? I’ve never heard of them or is that short for a whole name that I’m missing? Again, thanks for your help.I’ll let you know how I make out. Mike

TY = Taiyo Yuden.
Take a look at this link
TY’s are superb. Unfortunately, no DL media. Verb +R DL are the only DLs you’ll see recommended here on cdf or many other forums. If you need any links for media, let us know…

Thanks maineman for your help. I’ll check them out. Fortunately I have no real use for DL at this time so I’m safe there. Newegg has been the cheapest place for most of what I look for. Is there a better place for media? Again, thanks

Newegg is rock-soild…my personal favorite, but yes, you can often find quality media cheaper elsewhere.
Rima is a top-notch retailer.
I and others have had good luck with supermediastore and meritline.
Not everyone likes these last 2. I’ve heard they may substitute T03’s for T02’s on occasion, but I’ve never been burned or received bad or fake media. I know Mack and Larry purchase here without problems.

Keep in mind, +R media always seem to cost a bit more. Personally, I prefer +R, but have no complaints about -R. I’ve used 100’s of -R with great results.

Hope this helps.

Forgot to mention…
Keep an eye on cdfreaks bargain basement for some great deals on media, etc., etc.

Hello again. I took your advice and went out and bought Verbatim 8x DVD+R media and tried to copy the last movie I decrypted with DVDFab. The Lake House. It started skipping in the exact spot as the previous copies I made with the Maxell. I made sure it was clean and I changed the speed settings on CloneDVD2 from 16x to 8x. What happened? I really don’t understand. What else can be causing this problem. I haven’t tried decrypting with 3028 as of yet, would that make a difference? Please help. Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike,

Definitely need more info here.
From now on, for testing purposes use an RW disc and try it at 2.4 -4X, depending on the rating. It’ll cut down on your frustration and you won’t be wasting more money.

I know you said the freezing, skips occur in the same place on the bkup of Lake House, where is this…exactly?
Were they late in the movie?
How about the other flicks…late in the movie as well?

In “common settings” in Fab, what is the “DVD Writable Media [DVD-5] Size]” ?

What firmware do you have for your 1633s? (This will be displayed on cd-dvd speed, for eg., BENQ DVD LS DW1655 BCGB)

Run the last bkup thru Nero CD-DVD Speed . (Just click on the link to download the latest version.)
Note the first image attached below…“Benchmark”:

Green = transfer speed
Yellow = disc rotation speed

Also look at the next three images…these tests are easy to perform and will give us some good info. Sorry to ask for so much detail, but it’ll help knock this down.


Hello Tom,I think I might have more problems than I thought. I downloaded Nero and put in ,The Lake House and ran the benchmark test. Well, first of all the firmware ver. is BSOS. And yes, the freezing starts at ruffly the same place which approx. is the middle or just before. So after I started the benchmark test on the LH, and the spin up is done, a box pops up and says, "Error L-EC Uncorrectable Error [031105]. I also checked Fab and it says DVD9 at the bottom. I then went to the Disc Quality tab and started it but a box said, Error Initializing Test. Disc Info is ID:MCC 003[000]. So, I don’t know if this tells you anything, but I hope it gets me a little closer to solving this problem.Thanks for your help Tom. Mike

Also I don’t have any RW’s on hand at the moment. I’ve got 49 +R’s though,LOL. And they are 8x. I thought cutting back from 16x to 8x would make a difference. Got some info back on the Scan Disc tab. Surface Scan: Good-22.2%. Damaged-0.0%. Bad-77.8%. I am running the read test again to see what happens. It just finnished and this time it’s 100% bad. What’s happening?Not too long ago it was working flawlessly. It’s about 2 years old. I await your answer Thanks, Mike

First off, let’s start with changing your target setting from DVD9 to DVD5. You’re burning to a SL disc, not a DL disc.
What is your burn speed setting in fab?..slowest, recommended or fastest?
If you don’t mind trialing another disc…set your burn speed to slowest and give it another shot.

The error you received can be caused by a number of things…from a loose cable to a failing burner or system error, but let’s try this first and keep our fingers crossed. Also, it’ll help if you could post screen shots of cd-speed tests.

Good luck… :wink:

Catch you later…I gotta hit the sack.

Hi again,mainman. First off, I tried to change the dvd setting from DVD9 to DVD5 and it wouldn’t. I’m using just DVDFab Decrypter. I also couldn’t find settings that regulated the burn speed. Sorry, I guess Decrypter doesn’t have those options maybe? Also, I’m embaressed to say this but, I don’t know how to post screen shots. I never had to do it before. That’s why I wrote out the results I was able to read off the different screens. Is there some other way I can get in there to change the settings? Thanks Again, Mike

Just another thought, it wouldn’t be my Clone DVD 2 causing the problems would it? It seems to read the video_TS files off the HD fine. It created the dvd files and then wrote the dvd in about 22 minutes. I am now tring to make another copy from a copy of the Lake House using vers. 3028 Beta to see if it does the same thing and then run it through the nero to see if the results are the same as the last one. Let you know what happens ok. Mike